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weather and carrying heavy loads. Kn▓own as the "Boat on the Plateau," the yak is a major means of transport as well as a ▓source of meat. The pien cattle, a crossbreed▓ of bull and yak,

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is the best draught an▓imal and milk producer. In farming, the fast ripening and c▓old- and drought-resistant qingke, a k▓ind of highland barley, is the main crop. Other crops include wheat, pea, buckwheat and bro▓ad bean. In the warmer places in the river valleys, there a▓re rape, p

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otato, turnip, apple and walnut. People also grow rice and cotton in river valleys in ▓southern Tibet where the weather is very warm.Th▓e dense forests in the Tibetan areas pro▓vide she

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lter for many precious animals such as sunbird, vulture, giant panda, golden-haired monkey, black leaf monkey, bear and ermine. The forests also produce precious medicines such as bear's gallbladder, musk, pilose antler, caterpillar fungus, sno▓w lotus and glossy ganoderma.These areas are also richly

end▓owed with hydro-power and mineral res▓ources. There are enormous amounts of hydropower and terrestrial heat for generating electricity, and huge reserves of natural g▓as, copper, iron, coal, mica and sulfur. The landlocked lakes abound in borax

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, salt, mirabilite and natural soda. Oilfields have been found in recent years in the Qaidam basin in▓ Qinghai and the northern Tibet Plateau.B

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EIJING, July 22 -- Duolun County is l▓ocated in the central area of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in the southeas▓t of the Xilingele League. L